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The Midwest

Ah, the heartland.  Here are the free newspaper archives from the mid-United States.

Colorado Newspaper Archives

Colorado Newspaper Archives from 1859-1923.  Cowboys and gold miners galore!

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Illinois News Archives

New! Chicago Tribune Archives, 1849-current. Nicely done collection with an easy-to-use search tool.

Barrington Courier  Review, Barrington, IL, 1890-1932. Browseable by date, but no text searching. Other newspapers listed here require a library card or charge a fee.

Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection, 1831-2011, at the University of Illinois. Dozens of papers here, from the American Eagle to the Western Rural. Full text searching; a basic search takes you to the advanced search feature.

Quincy Illinois Historical Newspaper Archive 1835-1919, full text searching.

Sterling, IL Newspaper Archives, 1854-2007.  The Sterling Gazette, Sauk Valley Sunday, and others.

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Indiana Newspaper Archives

The-World's-Largest-Newspaper-Archive Muncie Post Democrat Newspaper Collection at Ball State University, 1921-1950. Full text searching and full page images for this important anti-KKK newspaper, but not the most user-friendly interface.

Evansville Press, 1850-2012.  Newspaper clippings only; can be searched by title and keyword.  Includes a lot of material on the University of Indiana, especially basketball, and Bobby Knight.

Hoosier State Chronicles, 1804-2011. A surprisingly diverse and deep collection, from The Banner Graphic to the Wolcott Beacon. Give the Advanced Search a try if regular searchine isn’t doing it for you.

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Iowa Newspaper Archives

Adams County, Iowa Newspaper Archives, 1876-2000.

Cedar Rapids Library Newspaper Archives with a number of Iowa newspapers, 1857-1998.

Charles City Daily Press, Floyd County, 1930-1931.

Sioux County Newspaper Archives, in Iowa, from 1872-2000.

The Des Moines Newspaper Archives, 1970-2007.  Includes West Des Moines Express, and Polk County News.

The Malvern and Mills County Archives, 1864-2002.  Includes the Malvern Leader, and Mills County Journal.

The Carroll Newspaper Archives, 1884-2007.  The Carroll Daily Times Herald, other papers, and early atlases of Carroll County.

The Buffalo Center Tribune, 1894-2003.

The Muscatine City Directories, 1856-1959. No newspapers but I included this anyway, as it includes a set of directories from the Musser Library, and they had to go somewhere!

Marion newspaper archives, 1837-2012. From the Marion Public Library, archives from Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Linn County and, of course, Marion.

New. Iowa Newspaper Archives. A large list of more than 100 online Iowa papers, compiled by the History Unfolded project.

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Did you know? has a deep newspaper archive that can be searched for free (but there’s a fee for full access).


Kansas Newspaper Archives

New The Kansas Memory site, from the Kansas Historical Society, has thousands of digital items, including several hundred newspaper articles from the 1800’s and early 1900’s.  The collection is poorly described, but includes newspapers from Topeka, Wichita, and Lawrence, among others.

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Kentucky Newspaper Archives The Kentuckiana Digital Library, 1787-2012 for papers across Kentucky,  Includes the Bluegrass Blade in Lexington and the Vindicator from Owensburg (gotta love those names!) and the Kentucke Gazette from the late 1700’s.  Full text searching, but an awkward interface.

New Northern Kentucky Newspaper Index, 1841-current.   This collection from the Kenton Library is a strange mix of full text, full image newspapers, and newspaper indexes.  Select the “full text” option to restrict search results to images.

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Louisiana Newspaper Archives

Louisiana Newspaper Access Program, 19th and early 20th century.  Part of the Louisiana Digital Library Collection, this is a small but cool collection of English and French language news.  Wish it had a better user interface, though.

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Michigan Newspaper Archives

New! Michigan Digital Newspaper Portal, 1817-current. Fantastic collection of links from across the state, including both free and pay newspaper archives. Includes Detroit Free Press, Grand Rapids Press, and many others.

The Saugatuck-Douglas Library in Michigan has digitized the Commercial Record, 1868-1968 (site warns against using Internet Explorer, and suggests FireFox).

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Minnesota Newspaper Archives

New! Minnesota Digital Newspaper Hub, 1856-1922.  There’s a deep collection here, ranging from the Afro-American Advance to the Zumbrota News.  Interface is a bit odd, but the image quality is very nice.

New! Minneapolis Tribune, 1867-1922.  One of the major papers for both the city and the state.

Holt Weekly News and Northern Light, 1911-1952.  From the “Home of the Largest Co-operative Creamery in Marshall County” a terrific rural newspaper archive.

The Winona State University Newspaper Archives in Minnesota includes a number of papers from 1855-1976.  This is a surprisingly diverse collection. Other links at the site include archives of magazines and student newspapers.

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Missouri Newspaper Archives

Missouri Newspaper Archives, late 1800’s to the present, from the Missouri Digital Heritage collection, but dates and coverage are not well described at the site. Note that many non-newspaper sources are available here as well.

Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, 1889-2008.  A large archive of two newspapers that eventually merged into one.

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North Dakota Newspaper Archives

Frontier Scout, North Dakota’s first newspaper, 1864-65.  About 20 issues are available online in full image format, but they are not text-searchable.

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Cleveland Press, 1878-1982.  Several thousand article clippings, with full text search.  Not a very friendly interface, I’m afraid.

Circleville Herald, 1926-1977 and 2013, from a town near Athens.

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Oklahoma Newspaper Archives

The Oklahoman, 1901-current.  This is a fee-based archive, but it’s all there is from OK, so I included it.  Wish there was more.

New. Whaddya know? There is more! The Gateway, 1840s-1920s, is a collection of photos and newspapers, including the Guthrie Daily News, Tulsa Daily World, and the Oklahoma Guide, a weekly African-American newspaper.

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Texas Newspaper Archives

Texas History Portal, 1810-current. Includes several dozen papers, including the Houston Daily Post, San Antonio Register and the El Paso Herald.

The Weimar Mercury, and other papers, 1885-1960, from the collection of the Nesbitt Memorial Library.

The Wellington Leader, 1909-2006.

The La Marque Times, 1921-1998, intermittent, near Galveston, TX.

Panola Watchman, 1879-1961 (intermittent), in Carthage, TX.

Gatesville Messenger and Star Forum, 1955-2008, courtesy of the Gatesville Public Library.

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Wisconsin Newspaper Archives

New. Door County Newspaper Archives, 1862-1959. About 10 papers from rural Door County, north of Green Bay, including, fairly enough, both The Democrat and The Republican.

Wisconsin Newpaper Archives, 1800s – present, thousands of searchable newspaper clippings.

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Other MidWest Newspaper Archives

Another source of millions of pages of newspaper archives from the MidWest can be found at This is not a free service, but it’s a great resource, just the same. is an excellent source for historical research…fee-based, but well worth it.

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