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The earliest newspaper archives in the US are found along the East coast, home to the original thirteen colonies. Here are the best free newspaper archives from the NorthEastern US.

Connecticut Newspaper Archives

NEW. Blackstone Library Newspaper Archives, 1878-1980. About 15 newspapers from Branford and New Haven. Nice, crisp images.

NEW. East Hampton Newspaper Archives, 1887-1999. The East Hampton News and the Oracle available here.

NEW. Southington, CT Newspaper Archives, 1859-2009. A poorly described collection, browse by date, only.

NEW. Thomaston, CT Newspaper Archives, 1880-2000. Four newspapers, chiefly the Thomaston Express.

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Maryland Newspaper Archives

The Marlyland State Archives, mostly 1800’s. Sporadic coverage of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Archives are browseable by date, but there is no full text searching.

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Massachusetts Newspaper Archives

New! Boston College Newspaper Collection, 1829-current. Several newspapers (including student newspapers), including The Pilot, the oldest Catholic newspaper in the US.

Barnstable Patriot (1830-1930) (on Cape Cod, MA). Full text search, courtesy of the Sturgis Library. Plans to extend coverage past 1930, one of these days.

Provincetown Banner, The Advocate and several others (1869-1967, intermittent). More Cape Cod papers with full text search, and image retrieval.

Chatham Monitor and the Cape Cod Chronicle archives (1871-2010, intermittent) courtesy of the Eldredge Public Library.

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New Hampshire Newspaper ArchivesThe-World's-Largest-Newspaper-Archive

New Hampshire Gazette, the first newspaper printed in New Hampshire. Formerly housed at the University of NH website, this now only seems to be available at the Wayback machine. There is only a single edition here, and it’s just4-pages, but it’s from 1756, and worth a look.

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Did you know? has a deep newspaper archive that can be searched for free (but there’s a fee for full access).



New Jersey Newspaper Archives

Cranbury Press, Cranbury, NJ, from 1886-1926, from the archives of the Cranbury Historical and Preservation Society.

Atlantic County, NJ (includes Atlantic City), 1860-1923, assorted newspapers from South Jersey.

Red Bank Register, (Middletown, NJ) 1878-1991. Full text searching available.

South Amboy Citizen, 1910-2000. Courtesy of the Dowdell Public Library. Browse by date, but no text searching. Page images available.

The New Brunswick Daily Times and other papers,  1871-1916 (update: no longer appears to be free. What a shame).

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New York Newspaper Archives

New! New York State Historic Newspapers, 1795-2013
5 million news pages and counting! Although many papers are included in other collections, below, this one’s definitely worth checking as well…use the Search function at the top of their page

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1841-1955  One of my favorite newspapers…a great glimpse into nineteenth century New York. Update: new papers added, including Brooklyn Life, 1890-1924

The New York Times archives, 1853-current.  One of the world’s great newspaper archives.  All papers before 1923 and after 1987 are available free of charge, but there’s a fee for any dates in between...go figure!

Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, 1795-2013, A surprisingly diverse and growing collection.

Nassau County, Long Island, NY, 194-current. About 15 papers here.

Old New York State Historical Newspaper Pages, 18th-20th centuries.  An odd collection, but with more than 10 million newspaper pages from across NY, it’s certainly valuable.  Take a look at the FAQ for a description of the content.

Rochester area newspapers, from Monroe County Library, ca 1800’s.  A small collection with a difficult search interface.  Try this search as an alternative.  Papers can be browsed, and once opened as a PDF, can be text searched.

New  Hudson River Valley Heritage newspaper archives, 1831-Current.  Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and a few other counties. Search results show individual articles, and you can then retrieve full newspaper page image.

The Friend of Man, 1836-1842, Utica, in Central New York. An anti-slavery newspaper, housed at Cornell University.

New York Clipper, 1853-1924, an unusual paper, covering entertainment, amusements and sports, courtesy of the University of Illinois. Browsable by date.

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Pennsylvania Newspaper Archives

Philadelphia Inquirer Civil War Archive, 1860-1865  The war from a Northern perspective. UPDATE: The link now also includes the Richmond Dispatch from Virginia.

Lancaster County, PA Newspaper Archives, 1816-1889, and 1915-2001.  Several online newspaper archives.

Tioga County, PA Newspaper Archives, 1810-2011.  From Wellsboro, PA, courtesy of the Green Free Public Library.

Penn State Newspaper Archives.  There are several collections here, including a sizable Civil War collection, with dozens of papers, including 4 from Philadelphia and 5 from Gettysburg. There are also archives of student newspapers, and an assortment of articles from Lancaster Farming from the 1950’s onward.

Smethport, PA newspaper archives, McKean County, 1833-1977.  A broad collection from Pennsylvania mining country, made available by the Hamlin memorial Library.

Pennsylvania Civil War Newspaper Archives, 1831-1877.  Assorted papers including eight archived papers from Gettysburgh.  Full page images and full text search.

The Chester, PA newspaper archives, 1876-1976, includes the Chester Times, Delaware County Daily Times, and others.

Ambler Gazette, 1894-1931.  Courtesy of the Wissahickon Valley Public Library in Montgomery County.

New. Power Library, 1834-1975. About two dozen papers from across Pennsylvania, ranging from the Bellwood Bulletin to the Wilkes-Barre Independent. There’s a lot of other historical digital information here as well.

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Other NorthEast Newspaper Archives

Another source of millions of pages of newspaper archives from the North East can be found at This is not a free service, but it’s a great resource, just the same.



Did you know? has a deep newspaper archive that can be searched for free (but there’s a fee for full access).


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