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The West

The Wild, Wild West, in all its glory.

Alaska Newspaper Archives

New  The Tundra Times, 1962-1997 (Fairbanks).  This is an odd collection — a combination of individual clippings and full newspapers.  Nevertheless, it is the only free newspaper archive available from Alaska.  Provided by the Tuzzy Consortium Library.

You can find more Alaska newspaper archives at NewspaperArchive, a subscription service.

Arizona Newspaper Archives

Casa Grande Newspaper Archives, 1912-2007, courtesy of the Casa Grande Public Library, just outside of Phoenix.

You can find more Arizona newspaper archives at NewspaperArchive, a subscription service.

California Newspaper Archives

California Digital Newspaper Collection, approx 1849-1911  A small but growing collection hosted by UC Riverside. Includes select  articles from Alta California, San Francisco Call, Amador Ledger, and the Los Angeles Herald, among others.

New The Covina Newspaper Archives (1895-1999)  include the Covina Argus and others, from this city near LA.

New El Clamor Publico, 1855-1859 (Los Angeles). Probably the earliest Spanish-language newspaper in CA, courtesy of the Huntington Library and USC.

New Whittier Historical Newspaper Collection, 1883-1923.  An odd collection that seems to download as entire newspapers, rather than individual pages or articles.  Have patience.  From the Whittier Public Library, near Los Angeles.

You can find more California newspaper archives at NewspaperArchive, a subscription service

Colorado Newspaper Archives

Colorado Newspaper Archives from 1859-1923.  Cowboy and mining country, at its peak.

You can find more Colorado newspaper archives at NewspaperArchive, a subscription service.


Did you know? has a deep newspaper archive that can be searched for free (but there's a fee for full access).


Hawaii Newspaper Archives

Hawaii Newspaper Archives from the mid-1800's to 1920's.  It doesn't get farther west than this.  An assorted collection of Hawaiian language, full image newspapers, browseable, but not searchable.

Hawaiian Language Nupepa Collection, 1834-1948
More Hawaiian language newspapers, mostly in image format, but with some text searching.

You can find more Hawaii newspaper archives at NewspaperArchive, a subscription service.

Nevada Newspaper Archives

Las Vegas Age newspaper archives in Nevada, 1905-1924, with some gaps in coverage.  Searching is on an index of keywords but not (unfortunately) on  full text.

The Henderson Libraries Digital Collection offers up two newspapers from the 1940′s and 1950′s. The Henderson Home News (1951-current) and The Big Job, and Basic Bombardier newsletters, from the BMI magnesium plant in Henderson, NV... the plant manufactured billions of tracer bullets during WWII.

You can find more Nevada newspaper archives at NewspaperArchive, a subscription service.

New The oddly-named Cooperative Libraries Automated Network Digital Collections has a lot of archived material, including several newspapers from the late 1800s to early 1900s, such as Reese River Reveille, Daily Territorial Enterprise, White Pine News, and the Virginia Evening Chronicle.

Oregon Newspaper Archives

Historic Oregon Newspapers, 1846-1922. A good collection from across the state with full text search and crisp page views. If only they'd give a more thorough description of the collection...! 

Utah Newspaper Archives Utah Digital Newspapers Collection, varied papers, approx 1850s-1950s

You can find more Utah newspaper archives at NewspaperArchive, a subscription service.

Washington Newspaper Archives

Washington State Newspaper Archives, approx. 1850-1890's  Numerous papers from around Washington State.

New Port Townsend Morning Leader, 1903-1910.  Select Port Towsend Leader from the digital Collections list to search just the newspaper.

New  Walla Wallop, 1944-1946.  From the Army Air Base in Walla Walla, the official World War II base newspaper.

You can find more Washington state newspaper archives at NewspaperArchive, a subscription service.

Wyoming Newspaper Archives

New The Wyoming Newspaper Project, 1849-1970, has archives from across the state, with more additions planned.  Very nice image quality at this rapidly growing collection.

You can find more Wyoming newspaper archives at NewspaperArchive, a subscription service.

Other Newspaper Archives from Western States

New Northwest History Database, from Washington State University, is large collection of clippings rather than full newspapers.  The collection is not well described, but focuses on the early 1900's.

You can find more newspaper archives from the old West at NewspaperArchive, a subscription service.


Did you know? has a deep newspaper archive that can be searched for free (but there's a fee for full access).


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